Idigbo Bowl blanks

Idigbo Bowl blanks

Beautiful, buttery yellow in colour and an even, predictable grain pattern make this timber a delight to turn or carve.  Limited stocks of these yummy, thick blanks are available.


Up to 20% cheaper as packs of 2


  • Planed on both sides - less waste
  • Centre marked - easy and quick to mount on the lathe
  • Kiln dried - ready to turn.
  • Wax sealed - stable and ready to store if necessary


Availability in two thicknesses:

75mm (3")

100mm (4")

Tolerance:  +/-3mm(1/8")

Packs of 2 available in some sizes.


Sometimes known as Black Afara, it's not exactly an 'English Wood' - but still a great species to work with. Often used in joinery work to make window and doors, this timber came from a few stacks we bought from a joinery company that no longer had use for it.


    PriceFrom £13.00