Quarter Sawn Oak Blanks

Quarter Sawn Oak Blanks

Quarter sawn English Oak with outstanding grain pattern. 'Quarter sawn' refers to the way the timber is sawn at the sawmill. The growth rings run across the thickness of the boards instead of along the width. (See the diagram in the photos). This results in the wood being more stable, resistant to warping and showcasing the medullary rays to great effect. These impressive 'flecks' can be seen in the photos.  Quarter sawn timber is not as widely available as plain sawn as it is more difficult and expensive to produce.


The pictures show a representative sample and are not necessarily the ones you will receive.


  • Wax sealed edges - aides storage and reduces splitting
  • Centre marked - quick & easy to mount on the lathe
  • Planed faces - less waste & quick to mount on the lathe
  • Wide range of sizes - more choice


Sold in a wide variety of diameters and in the following thickness ranges;

  • 40-50mm (1 1/2"-2")
  • 50-60mm (2"-2 3/8")
  • 60-70mm (2 3/8"-2 3/4")

Price shown is for one blank.

    PriceFrom £9.95