Stick Handle Wood Carving Blanks.

Stick Handle Wood Carving Blanks.

Individual pieces of timber, carefully selected for quality and grain direction making them well suited to stick & staff handle carving.


2 pack sizes available:

5 Piece pack - £39

10 Piece pack - £69

FREE postage


These packs provide an opportunity to try out your designs using different wood species. Each pack contains a minimum of 5 different wood species from the list below where the grain direction is either along the length or width.


The pictures show the different wood species available, some sketched designs and a few examples of rather wonderful carved stick handles. (Not included)


The packs contain different size pieces within the range below. Other species may be available but incur an extra cost. Let us know if you have something specific in mind.


Size range of each piece:

Thickness - 35 to 50mm (1 1/2" to  2")

Length - 75 to 140mm (3" to 5 1/2")

Width - 75 to 140mm (3" to 5 1/2")











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