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Practice Pack (Seconds) 14+ Blanks

Practice Pack (Seconds) 14+ Blanks


A mixed selection of 14+ hardwood blanks which are seconds - but we still think they're lovely! They are certainly very useable and perfect for practising on. Each stack in the photos is an example of one pack of practice blanks. Packs are selected from a wide variety of species from the list below and will contain a mix of:


  • Bowl blanks
  • Spindle blanks
  • Log blanks


Some might be an odd shape, others might have splits, bark inclusions, knots, insect damage or be soft in places.  Most are seconds and haven't quite met the high standards for our other selection packs.


Size ranges:

Bowl blanks

Diameter 105 - 230mm (4" - 9")

Thickness 40 - 105mm (1 1/2" - 4")

Spindle blanks

Square 40 - 80mm (1 1/2" - 3")

Length 80 - 305mm (3" - 12")

Log blanks

Diameter 25 - 60mm (1" - 2 1/2")

Length 105 - 305mm (4" - 12")


Species list:

Ash, Walnut, Apple, Spalted Beech, Hawthorn, Sweet Chestnut, English Walnut, Horse Chestnut, Holm Oak, Cedar of Lebanon, Eucalyptus, English Oak, Laburnum, Mahogany, Brown Oak, Iroko, Meranti, Olive Ash, Beech, Silver Birch, Wild Cherry, Elm, Holly, Lime, Yew, Sycamore, 

plus others.


The photos are representative and show examples of the packs available. Packs received will differ.


Pack weight: 8 - 10kg


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