Superior Woodturners Selection Gift Pack.

Superior Woodturners Selection Gift Pack.


An opulent selection of 29 gourgeous, premium hardwoods blanks.


Great for woodturning or carving, this box full of delights should keep you or the woodworker in your life going for a while. A generious gift or just treat your self.


The box contains:

  • 1 Premium bowl blank - Feature or character grain pattern or unusual species. (minimum 205mm diameter x 50mm thick)
  • 9 bowl blanks (105-255mm diameter x 30-80mm thick)
  • 9 spindle blanks (40-80mm square x 80-300mm long)
  • 10 mixed species pen blanks (25 x 25 x 160mm)


Selected from the following species:
Ash, Apple, Spalted Beech, Hawthorn, Sweet Chestnut, Horse Chestnut, Holm Oak,
Cedar of Lebanon, Eucalyptus, English Oak, Laburnum, Mahogany, Brown Oak, Iroko,
Meranti, Olive Ash, Beech, Silver Birch, Wild Cherry, Elm, Holly, Lime, Yew, Sycamore,
plus others.
Pictures are of a representative sample and each box will contain a different selection of blanks of similar size and species.
Blanks will range in size:
Bowl blanks - Diameter 105-255mm. Thickness 30-80mm thick
Spindle blanks -Section 40-80mm square, Length 80-300mm
All pen blanks are 25 x 25 x 160mm.
All blanks labelled - Chance to try different species
Fully seasoned (air dried) - easier to carve or turn
Waxed edges - ready to store if necessary
Centre marked - ready to put on the lathe
Planed on both faces - less waste, quick to mount on the lathe


Average box weight: 11kg

We have other sizes of selection boxes available so please see our other items for those and for more turning blanks.

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