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Sawn Hardwood Board Offcuts

Sawn Hardwood Board Offcuts


5kg sawn hardwood board offcut selection box.


  • Interesting species, shapes and grain patterns
  • A mix selected from the species list below
  • Some with waney, live or natural edges, most will have straight edges
  • All shapes and sizes
  • A sawn finish on both sides


Great for model making, school crafts, pyrography, box making, marquetry, fretsaw work, etc.


Boards will range in size:

Width: 40 - 125mm (1 1/2" - 5")

Thickness: 2 - 15mm (1/8" - 3/4")

Length: 200 - 1000mm (8" - 39")


5kg (including packaging) of sawn wood board offcuts.


All shapes and sizes and a mix from the species list below. We'll try to ensure a good mix of species but this will depend on the timbers we have coming through the workshop at the time. These are offcuts from cutting our woodturning and carving blanks and will tend to be interesting species, shapes and grain patterns. Some will have waney, live or natural edges, most will have straight edges. There will be some flaws - knots, splits, holes, etc., but there will be many beautiful pieces - great for model making, school crafts, pyrography, marquetry, fretsaw work, etc.


Species list:

Ash, Walnut, Apple, Spalted Beech, Hawthorn, Sweet Chestnut, English Walnut, Horse Chestnut, Holm Oak, Cedar of Lebanon, Eucalyptus, English Oak, Laburnum, Mahogany, Brown Oak, Iroko, Meranti, Olive Ash, Beech, Silver Birch, Wild Cherry, Elm, Holly, Lime, Yew, Sycamore, 

plus others.

The pictures show a representative sample of different 5kg batches to give you an idea of what you are likely to get.
Maximum pack weight: 5kg or 10kg, depending on the option selected.

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