Wood carvers selection box

Wood carvers selection box

Wood carver's carving blank selection boxes


Boxes of wood carving blanks of varing sizes. This is a great way to buy the wood you need for your carving projects. You'll get a selection of different sizes (see below) allowing you to try a variety of techniques. Perfect as a gift or just a sensible way to restock your own shelves. Excellent value & convieniently presented in a plain brown box so you can give it away as a gift.


Four different boxes available:


  • Box A - Up to 10 Lime carving blanks. Weight: 4-5kg. £38
  • Box B - Up to 12 Lime carving blanks. Weight: 7-8kg. £48
  • Box C - Up to 10 carving blanks of mixed species (please see the species list below). Weight: 4-5kg. £38
  • Box D - Up to 12  carving blanks of mixed species (please see the species list below). Weight: 7-8kg. £48


Blanks size range:
25 x 50mm (1 x 2") minimum width and thickness
120mm (5") minimum length to 300mm (12") maximum length.


The pictures show representative sample of the sizes and shapes of the blanks in each box although no two boxes are the same. Blanks are air dried and ready to carve.
Mixed species boxes contain blanks selected from the following species list & the blanks are labelled:
  • Lime
  • Sycamore
  • Horse Chestnut
  • Cedar of Lebanon
  • White Walnut
  • Tulipwood
  • Wild Cherry
  • Beech


All are relatively soft, easy working timbers with little distinction between early and late summer growth (with the possible exception of Wild Cherry which is a bit harder and does contain a more distinct 'grain').
    Lime carving blanks selection box

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