Spalted Beech Bowl Blanks - Beautiful

Spalted Beech Bowl Blanks - Beautiful

Turning spalted timber is like revealing hidden treasure - and our spalted beech is carefully selected to give you the chance to do just that.


Spalted patterns are always going to be different in every piece and thats what makes each one of these blanks a joy to work on. We ensure every piece has some interesting figuring.


  • Planed on both sides - less waste
  • Centre marked - easy and quick to mount on the lathe
  • Air dried - less stressed & ready to turn.
  • Wax sealed - stable and ready to store if necessary
  • Thickness: 50mm (2")  & 75mm (3") Tollerance +/-3mm
  • Diameters: 105mm (4") to 455mm (18")  Tollerance +/-3mm


The term 'spalting'covers a wide range of characteristics arising from fungal attack of the timber during the early stages of decay (the decay is halted when the timber is dried to a level at which there is insufficient moisture in the wood to enable the fungi to live).


We have photographed a selection of blanks to give an indication of the likely level and types of spalting within the blanks on offer. The pictures show representative samples.


Please select the size from the drop down menu above. Some sizes may be out of stock at any given time but are restocked as quickly as possible - so keep checking. Larger sizes are much more difficult to obtain and therefor stocks are limited.

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