Lacewood woodturning bowl blanks London plane

Lacewood Bowl Blanks (London Plane)

This species gets its name from it's delicately figured, highly decorative grain pattern. Every piece is uniquely interesting and always produced a delightful pattern once turned on the lathe.


Great for:

Decorative platters and bowls


  • Planed on both sides - less waste
  • Centre marked - easy and quick to mount on the lathe
  • Air dried - less stressed & ready to turn.
  • Wax sealed - stable and ready to store if necessary
  • Thickness: 50mm (2"), 68mm (2 3/4")
  • Diameters: 155mm (6") to 405mm (16")


Choose the size you want from the drop down list.

Larger sizes available as and when stocks allow.

The pictures show a representative sample.




  • 155mm (6")
  • 180mm (7")
  • 205mm (8")
  • 230mm (9")
  • 255mm (10")
  • 280mm (11")
  • 305mm (12")
  • 330mm (13")
  • 355mm (14")
  • 380mm (15") - On request subject to availability
  • 405mm (16") - On request subject to availability
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